Before I hear your story...

here's mine

At 30 years old, I have a BA in Elementary Education, I run my own business, and have a family of four. I grew up in the PNW and I'll forever call it home. My photography journey took a turn for the BEST when I came home after my third wedding on the biggest high I've ever experienced. That night I realized my passion was within the wedding industry. I thrive on organized chaos, hence why this comes naturally to me!

book with me

My creativity and ADHD keep me (& my whole family) on my toes. I'm Jess from "New Girl" with tattoos. If there's any silence, I'll fill it. I'm indecisive, yet I know what I want. And my sense of humor is top tier, so. There's that.

in case you really feel like knowing more about me

favorite color

Mustard yellow and burnt orange. Any and all retro & warm color schemes. Its so inviting and I can't get enough!